About Rob Ketcham

Rob has been mediating since 1993 after he completed a basic mediation training conducted by the Mennonite Peace Fellowship, Lombard, IL and a divorce training offered by Peter Maida of the Keybridge Foundation, Rosslyn, VA. He and Susan Sulami founded Lifebridge Mediation Services in 1993 in Montgomery County, MD and they worked as a co-mediation team for several years. He became active in the Northern Virginia Mediation Network (VMN) and in the Maryland Council for Dispute Resolution (MCDR). After three years as a mediator he was given certification as a consultant mediator by the Academy of Family Mediators and began working with MCDR to establish a performance based mediator certification program in Maryland. He was certified by MCDR in 1995 and was active as the Chairman or Co-Chairman of the MCDR certification committee for several years until 2014. Rob and his wife moved to Easton, MD in 1999 and he established Ketcham Mediation Services. He is certified by the Talbot County Circuit Court, the Dorchester County Circuit Court and the Caroline County Circuit Court.

To get started as a mediator Rob mediated cases for the Montgomery County State's Attorney, and for the Circuit Court of Prince George's County and Howard County. He served on the Divorce Roundtable as the mediator representative and volunteered for the Center for Divorcing Families during that time. Rob also participated as a coach for the trainings held by the MICPEL (Maryland Institute for the Continuing Professional Education of Lawyers), and continues to serve as a training coach for Mediation Matters for courses offered in Basic, Advanced, Business and Child Access Mediation. In 2003 he started a Criminal Mediation Program for the State's Attorney in Dorchester County which he ran for three years. For the past few years he has also been involved in the Maryland Program for Mediator Excellence (MPME) and has served on various committees and subcommittees of the MACRO (Maryland Alternative Conflict Resolution Office).

In December 2014 Rob received the Sharon Pickett Award from the MCDR. This biannual award is the highest honor given in MD to a private mediator. The award recognizes those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of mediation practice in Maryland. The contributions may be in the field of mediation practice, mediator education, performance-based assessment of mediators, or advocacy/legislative work related to standards for mediator competence.

Rob and his wife have four grown children and five grandchildren.