Mediation Services

Ketcham Mediation Services specializes in separation and divorce issues and has resolved numerous business mediation cases over the years as well. In the first session with Rob, after the orientation and after signing the agreement to mediate, the parties begin to discuss the issues and set some goals after the issues have been identified.

Persons seeking divorce then begin to explore options for parenting arrangements, division of marital assets and liabilities and issues of support.

Persons with an unresolved business matter(s) often benefit by spending some time alone with Rob so the problems can be scoped out before getting together with the other side in a mediation setting.

Since each case is unique Rob works to tailor the mediation process to fit the needs, goals and preferences of the clients.

Ketcham Mediation Services offers expertise in the following areas:

Ketcham Mediation Services encourages parents' efforts to separate parenting roles from spousal roles. Parents who are in mediation are supported in concentrating on their children's best interests.